Welcome to the Zoetrope, a musical game by Sehsucht Berlin.
What started as a personal test, toying around with WebGL technology using the geometry of the last MTV project, quickly turned into the idea of a musical game and became a fully grown project by itself.

Try it yourself and spin it around at lab.sehsucht.de
No plugins needed (a modern browser though)!

Show package produced in partnership with MTV, for the 19th annual MTV European Music Award, broadcasted live from Frankfurt’s historic Festhalle on Sunday, November 11, 2012.

We created and directed a 20 second sequence, and opener, bumper and closer alterations from 2 to 20 seconds length, revolving around a huge Zoetrope, a fast-moving carousel which evokes the illusion of motion through a fast succession of static elements which come to life with a stroboscopic light.

The animated sequence is a journey through time and space, transcending the ancient Zoetrope concept which stems from pre-Christian Chinese culture to our modern global society. A band lives the American Dream, symbolizing the ascent of a basement musician to stardom across the horizontal zoetrope layers. They move from the underground scene to stardom with the help of their fans and social networks, finally reach the top of the carousel and perform at the MTV EMA.

I did the design layouts for the first three Zoetrope floors (music, network and red carpet floor). I also animated the dancing, the tweeting, the posing and the crowd surfing character and realized many more elements, like the red carpet, the cameras, etc.

Watch the making of on Vimeo.

This year's Pictoplasma theme, doomsday, inspired the trailer for the world’s largest festival of contemporary character culture to tell a story around a Macy's Day parade full of twisted characters. Far from the gloom and doom which usually goes along end of day stories, our creatures invade a vacant city and make it their own.

For this project i designed half of the characters and build, rigged and animated all of them in 3d.

Watch the making of on Vimeo.

Blobs cuddling in a group hug, colouring the grey scenery more and more in pastels and neon with each tender touch, welcome the viewer to a brand new series of international MTV idents starting April 2nd, 2012 around the world (except in the U.S.).

My main job was to make all 11 characters animatable, to control and refine their animation topology and to animate about half of them: all the flying ones, the one with the long arms, the smallest two and the jiggling round one. I also did some final animations for some other characters.

You can see a bit of my custom rigs in the making of on Vimeo.

A montage of selected interactive and linear work I have done during my studies.
For full length videos, more information and credits please scroll down to the individual projects.

You can download my reel here.

In my bachelor's thesis I developed "It takes my breath away" an experimental interactive musicvideo including usergenerated content to the song "Alps" by the russian indie rock band "Motorama".

It is an expedition without default direction, a hike through this band's wonderful world of melancholy, adventure and nature. Every user goes his own way - looking for things that take his breath away - and every user can contribute his own impressions and moments.

The project was nominated for the best final project of the UAS's Faculty of Design.

"Bionics" means that a biological phenomenon is transferred to a technical application. It assumes that many of our technical problems have already been solved by evolution millions of years ago.

This animation is an educational film for the bionics exhibition of the natural history museum of Münster. It explains the advantages which robots have when imitating the movement of six legged insects, how this movement functions and how it results in a flexible walk.

How strong are internet users bound to certain behavioural patterns? Is the introduction of a navigation which goes beyond the practised mouse click still possible? And if so, how much has the user to be guided in order to reach a sense of achievement?

The "playfolio" is a usability experiment. Therefore, the behaviour of the users was recorded by means of generative information graphics during a testing period. These information graphics have been collected and sorted according to the number of achieved goals. In this way weak spots could be identified, analysed and optimized.

This is a personal project. Click here to try out yourself.

As adults, we know that things exist even if we do not see them. Although, we can only suppose what happens in the darkness. Therefore, the film presents the dark as an uncontrollable element that implies unknown threats and that has the power to override everything and make everything inexistent. Our understanding of darkness is thus supposed to be scrutinized and the spectator to be led back to his own primal fear.

Mobile interaction is a cooperation between the departments of design and computer science of the university of applied sciences Münster. The aim of the course was to develop possibilities of interaction which use public displays, mobile devices or tracking.

Our group decided to render the different consequences of light pollution interactively tangible. Light pollution means that the night sky is illuminated by artificial light. This iPhone app shows in cooperation with the exterior screen of the PSD bank Münster how insects react on different sources of light, why they gravitate to light and why they die.

On a typical summer evening at Münster’s Aasee, just a little amount of the returnable bottles is taken back by its consumers. The rest is thrown into a bin, destroyed – or given to a bottle collector. This info graphics is to create the awareness that something that we throw away has become indispensable to life for others. Here, the consumer can decide interactively what he does with the returnable bottles and which consequences his action has. By this means, it is shown how much a bottle collector earns with the refund and how long he has to work for this.

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